California has a strong recycling mentality since environmental awareness has become a part of everyday life. That’s why various recycling centers have started operating throughout the state of California, and California Redemption Value (CRV) recycling is one of the most popular.

Since introducing the CRV cash incentive program in 1987, over 300 billion aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers have been recycled. In addition to the existing beverage container recycling centers, many communities in California now offer curbside collection services. In this blog, we will cover the CRV process and its environmental impact!

The CRV Recycling Process

crv recycling process

CRV Recycling is a process that needs patience since it is necessary to go through a learning curve to understand how to do it correctly. Here we will share some steps you need to follow in order to recycle successfully:

Meet Local Requirements

A rule of thumb for recycling is first to check the regulations established in your area. Each municipality has its different guidelines.

Taking the Collected Containers

Having your recyclables classified, you will need to deliver them to a mobile unit, or you can schedule a pickup with Recycle From Home.

Ensure all the items are CRV Approved

Sorting is a fundamental step to properly recycling because it separates materials before they are sent to a recovery facility. The appropriate materials are sorted into various containers for recycling and further manufacturing.

Getting Ready For The Recycling Process

We make sure that we only process valid CRV-eligible items. Once confirmed, we compact and store them in bales. Then, we clean and crush them into small pieces as the next step.

The cans are melted and shaped into different items, the glass bottles are crushed into tiny particles, and the plastic containers are recycled and converted into new products.

Environmental Impact of CRV Recycling

On average, each person in America disposes of (either by putting in a landfill, littering, or incinerating) approximately 425 beverage containers per year. However, we only recycle half that amount. By recycling, you can positively impact the environment. Here are some benefits of it:

  • Reduce toxic emissions
  • Decrease litter pollution
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)
  • Prevents the emission of methane gas
  • Prevents the mining of virgin resources
  • Encourages manufacturers to design their products to be recyclable

CRV Recycling in Irvine

crv recycling

Irvine is one of the many cities in California that commit to sustainability. To support their efforts, people can take advantage of curbside recycling programs or visit your local Irvine recycling centers. By doing so, citizens are helping to reduce waste and contribute positively to the environment.

Recycling CRV containers has increased throughout the years. In 2015, 23 billion CRV-eligible drinks were purchased by Californians, of which 18.6 billion were recycled. Thanks to recycling, we are saving natural resources, conserving energy, and reducing harmful greenhouse emissions.

Start Your Journey With Recycle From Home!

CRV recycling plays a big role in reducing environmental impact. The increase in interest in recycling due to the cash payment CRV program has involved the communities in following this process and making a sustainable change to their lifestyles.

Recycle From Home is a concept of a mobile residential and office recycling program that serves the City of Irvine, California. You can use Recycle From Home™ to have your CA CRV recycling items picked up and receive payment for them. This includes aluminum cans, plastic, and glass bottles that are eligible for redemption. Get in touch with us and start recycling from home!