With the great recycling culture flourishing in Irvine, CA, it is common for beginners to feel curious about the processes that go into their recycling habit.

If you’re new to recycling, you may have wondered what happens behind the doors of a CRV recycling center. This article is your chance to know firsthand what exactly goes on inside a recycling center.

But first, let’s review some basic information on CRV recycling in Irvine.

What Is CRV Recycling, and What Materials Are Accepted?

As its name implies, “California Refund Value,” or CRV is a recycling redemption received in exchange for specific recyclables in Califonia.

This program is designed to reward Californians for recycling certain types of beverage containers at approved recycling facilities. The accepted materials include aluminum, plastic, glass, and bi-metal. The CRV program does not receive other materials like milk, wine, and distilled spirits.

how Crv recycling centers work

The Role of Recycling Centers in CRV

Now that you understand what CRV is and what materials are eligible, it’s time to learn about the role of recycling centers in the entire process.

To begin, centers must complete an examination, precertification, and training program to become certified CRV centers. That ensures the center counts on adequate conditions and is better prepared for successful participation in the Beverage Container Recycling Program.

As a recycler, the best thing you can do to ensure you are working with professionals, choose only certified centers and avoid getting in trouble with local authorities.

Fact: You should know that Recycle from Home is the only authorized CRV mobile recycling center in the Irvine area.

Crv recycling in California

The Process Behind CRV Recycling Centers

1. Taking in the Collected Beverage Containers

After classifying your disposals and delivering them to our mobile unit, it’s time for them to get to our plant; this is when the recycling process begins.

Every day, a dedicated crew works diligently with tools and special vestments to take in the recyclable materials to be processed.

Thanks to the hard work of an entire team committed to the environment, CRV containers can be reused and avoid one-time-use items.

2. Ensuring the Items Are CRV-Eligible

The next step after unloading the clear bags we provide is to ensure the materials are actually CRV-eligible and then sorted by type of material. Sorting is a fundamental step in recycling because it separates materials before being sent to recovery facilities.

All suitable materials are divided into different bins to be processed and manufactured again.

4. Preparing for the Recycling Process

After ensuring we are processing legitimate CRV eligibles, they are compacted, stored in bales, cleaned, and crushed into small pieces.

The aluminum cans are melted down and formed into new products, while the glass bottles are ground into fine powder. The plastic containers are also reprocessed and transformed into new products.

And that is how the cycle begins again.

The Benefits of CRV Recycling

According to the Container Recycling Institute, Americans waste about 425 beverage containers per capita per year in landfills, litter, and incinerations. Recycling is one of the most effective ways of managing beverage container disposals and preserving the environment in our Irvine community and nationwide.

benefits of CRV recycling

These are just some benefits we can get from recycling:

  • Reduces the waste sent to landfills
  • It saves energy and conserves natural resources
  • Reduces pollution by minimizing material collection
  • It supports manufacturing and saves resources.
  • It creates U.S. recycling and manufacturing jobs.


Take the Time to Recycle At Home

Thanks to our convenient collection system, recycling can become part of your routine. We at Recycle From Home feel strongly about this and work hard to present easy ways to recycle because of our dedication to this cause.

If you need assistance to start caring for the environment from your own home, don’t hesitate to contact us.