Exciting Recycling News: CRV Program Expands to Include Wine, Liquor, and 100% Juice Bottles

Starting January 2024, the California Redemption Value program will include wine, liquor, and 100% juice bottles. 

What is CRV? 

CRV stands for California Redemption Value. Each time you buy a CRV bottle or can, you are charged a small fee of 5 or 10 cents from the grocery store. However, like a deposit, this cash can be earned back when you return these recyclables to a recycling facility. Throwing these items in the regular blue recycling bin rids you of the opportunity to get that money back! 

When these recyclables are taken to a recycling center, not only do you earn back your deposit money, but these recyclables are guaranteed to be recycled properly. 


How much will each of these recyclables pay? 

A container holding less than 24 ounces is eligible for 5 cents, while a container over 24 ounces is eligible for a 10 cent deposit. Pouches, boxes and cartons holding wine and liquor can be redeemed for a deposit of 25 cents.

What about old bottles? 

Bottles that have been filled and labeled before January 2024 are permanently exempt from CRV labeling requirements. New additions to the CRV program are required to begin labeling as CRV beginning January 2025. This means you can cash in your old wine and liquor bottles! 


Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/news/california/article281917803.html#storylink=cpy


Are You Ready to Recycle From Home?

CRV recycling is more than just a program; it’s a vital component of our collective effort to reduce waste, conserve resources, and combat climate change. By participating in CRV recycling, you contribute to a greener future and enjoy the financial benefits of redeeming your deposits. So, the next time you finish a wine, liquor, or 100% juice container, remember the importance of CRV Recycling and take a step toward a more sustainable tomorrow.


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