How It Works

If you are looking for a recycling center in Irvine, CA - Recycle From Home™ makes it incredibly easy to recycle right from your driveway or doorstep!

Our drivers pick up your recyclables, process them at our facility and your redemption is calculated and sent to you electronically or as a mailed check.

What We Take

If you live in the City of Irvine, California, Recycle From Home™ picks up and pays you for your CA CRV recycling items such as aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles. If it says CA CRV on your containers, we'll pay you for them.

Click the link below for a complete breakdown of what items we take and what we don’t take.

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We pick up and pay Irvine, CA residents for their CA CRV recycling products! No more loading up the car with boxes or bags of cans and bottles in search of a redemption center.

Just schedule a pick-up online and put your items out for us to pick up and you’re done! We’ll handle the rest.

What Our Customers Say

At Recycle From Home™, we are dedicated to helping make CRV recycling easier for our customers. Read some of our customer reviews:

We Make CRV Recycling Easy

We pick up and pay you for your CA CRV recyclable containers!

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What Kind of Stuff Do We Recycle?

We recycle all CA CRV labeled items. Look for a CA CRV logo designation on your recyclable items.

Plastic CA CRV Bottles (#1)

Most commonly used water and soda bottles.

Glass CA CRV bottles

Most commonly used beer, soda and juice bottles.

CA CRV Aluminum Cans

Most commonly used soda and beer cans.


Plastic containers #2-7, Bi-metal, etc.

Understanding CRV Recycling

California Redemption Value (CRV) is the regulatory fee paid to consumers when recycling beverage containers at certified recycling centers in California. These centers are certified by the CalRecycle Department and are operated by independent businesses. Recycle From Home™ is the ONLY authorized mobile recycling center in California.

To receive CRV in California, all containers must be marked “CA Cash Refund” or similar CA CRV messages. Some of the containers we don’t take include milk, wine and non-beverage containers.

How Much Do I Get Paid For My Recycling?

Check out current recycling program rates here.

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City of Irvine residents - Schedule one of our service vans to pick up your CA CRV containers right from your home and receive payment within one business day!

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Recycling plastic takes 88% less energy than making it from raw materials.
The average person has the opportunity to recycle more than 25,000 cans in their lifetime.
Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.
9 out of 10 people said they would recycle if it were “easier”.
Recycling one ton of plastic bottles saves the equivalent energy usage of a two person household for one year.