Let’s talk trash. No, not the gossipy kind, but the kind that piles up in your home and harms the environment when not disposed of properly. Recycling is a common way to reduce waste and preserve natural resources, but starting is not always easy. If you’re looking for ways to encourage recycling at home in Irvine and Corona, we’ve got you covered with some witty tips that might even help you earn some cash.

Evaluate Your Current Recycling System

Before you start a new recycling program, take a few minutes to assess what’s already in place. Check your city guidelines about local recycling and see if an existing curbside or drop-off option is available. If so, great—you can get started right away! If not, research potential local resources like recycling centers that offer easy-to-use CRV recycling services.

Make it Easy

The key to encouraging recycling is to make it a no-brainer. Set up designated recycling bins for different materials in easily accessible locations in your home. You’ll probably skip the effort if you have to dig through the trash to separate recyclables. Make it as easy as tossing the right items in the right bin, and you’ll soon find yourself doing it without thinking.

Show it Off

We all love a little recognition for our recycling efforts. Why not take it up a notch and create a recycling leaderboard for your household? Assign point values to different types of recyclables and keep track of who recycles the most each week. You could even offer a small prize for the winner, like control of the TV remote for a night or a free junk food snack of their choosing.

Get Creative

upcycled beer bottles

Recycling doesn’t have to be boring. Turn it into a fun activity by challenging yourself and your family to find creative uses for recyclable materials. For example, turn old milk cartons into planters, or transform empty wine bottles into stylish vases. With a little imagination, recycling can become a hobby rather than a chore.

Practice Reducing the Amount of Waste

The best way to promote recycling is to practice reducing waste in your home. Shop with reusable bags, invest in durable products that last longer and learn how to compost food scraps and garden clippings. In today’s single-use society, reducing waste is easier said than done. But with a little conscious effort, you can reduce your family’s consumption and make a big difference.

Cash in

Last but not least, let’s talk about money. Did you know that recycling can earn you some extra cash on the side? Many recycling centers and scrap yards offer cash for certain recyclables, like aluminum cans or copper wire. Do a little research to see which centers near you provide money for materials, and start collecting. It might not bring you riches, but it’s a win-win for your wallet and the planet.

Play Your Part in a Greener Community

environmentally friendly community

Recycling might seem small, but it can greatly impact the environment. By making it easy, fun, and rewarding, you can encourage yourself and those around you to make it a regular habit at home. So grab those empty bottles and start separating them into the right bins. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.

Ready to join the recycling revolution? Get started with Recycle From Home™. Let’s come together and make our community more environmentally friendly! All you have to do is organize your CA CRV aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass containers into the collection bags we provide. Add one of our barcode tracking labels to each bag and schedule a pickup online—we’ll take care of the rest.

Let’s make Irvine and Corona cleaner, more sustainable places to live.