If you live in the City of Irvine, our company will pick up and pay you for your CA CRV aluminum cans, plastic, and glass bottles. Recycle From Home makes it incredibly easy to recycle right from your driveway or doorstep. You want it to be more than just easy, though. You want it to be lucrative too! This means gaining a better understanding of CA CRV rates, including what is eligible and what is not.

Which Products are Eligible for Redemption?

Listed below is a complete breakdown of what items we take and what we don’t take. If you’re interested in the highest CA CRV rates, this is the list you’re going to want to pay attention to:

Plastic CA CRV Bottles (#1)

These are bottles like water bottles or plastic soda Coca-Cola bottles you would buy at the gas station. In order to receive the California Redemption Value (CRV), these plastic bottles must be labeled “CA Cash Refund“ or have a similar CA CRV message printed by the bottler. 

CA CRV Aluminum Cans

Soda cans are big money in California! In order to receive the CRV, aluminum cans must be stamped “CA Cash Refund”. Please separate out any BI-METAL cans, as the cans vegetables come in, from the aluminum cans.

Glass CA CRV Bottles

Glass bottles must be labeled “CA Cash Refund”. Generally speaking, glass soda, water, and beer bottles qualify. Please note that Liquor or Wine bottles do not. If non-CA CRV glass bottles are mixed in with CA CRV bottles, the entire bag is considered NON-CRV.

Other Misc. CA CRV Containers (#2-7) and Bi-Metal Cans

Plastic containers #2-7 include items like distilled water jugs. These are redeemable and are required to be separated from the #1 plastic bottles. To receive CA CRV, all containers must be marked “CA Cash Refund.” BI-METAL cans with CA CRV designation are accepted, but please separate these from your aluminum cans in a different bag or box.

Make Money Recycling with Recycle From Home

If it says CA CRV on your containers, we’ll pay you for them. It’s as simple as that! Hopefully, this quick breakdown has made it easier to understand what items are eligible for this cash refund.

If you have any other questions about CA CRV rates or want to schedule a pick-up of recyclable items, we want to hear from you! Say goodbye to loading up your car with boxes of cans and bottles in search of a California recycling redemption center and wondering how much it’s all worth. Simply use our website to schedule a pick-up online and put your items out for us. You’re done because we’ll handle the rest!

Our drivers pick up your recyclables, process them at our facility using the current CA CRV rates, and your redemption is calculated and sent to you either electronically or as a mailed check. It really is as simple as that!